Volume 50 (2005), issue 4
Special Issue: Fire Safety

Joris Fellinger and Kees Both

The Single Burning Item (SBI) test method a decade of development and plans for the near future
Rudolf van Mierlo and Bart Sette

Modelling of fire spread in car parks
Leander Noordijk and Tony Lemaire

Scientific background to the harmonization of structural Eurocodes
Jol Kruppa, Daniel Joyeux and Bin Zhao

Building evacuation, rules and reality
Peter van de Leur

Multi-storey steel framed buildings under natural fire conditions
Gert van den Berg, Joris Fellinger, Pascal Steenbakkers and Ton van Overbeek

Fire exposed aluminium structures
Johan Maljaars, Joris Fellinger, Frans Soetens

Shear and anchorage behaviour of fire exposed hollow core slabs
Joris Fellinger, Jan Stark and Joost Walraven

Numerical modelling and experimental assessment of concrete spalling in fire
Manuchehr Shamalta, Arnoud Breunese, Willy Peelen and Joris Fellinger

Fire safety aspects in cultural heritage a case study in historical Delft
Maria hlin Lostetter and Arnoud Breunese

Can fatal fires be avoided? The impact of domestic smoke alarms on human safety
Kjell Schmidt Pedersen and Anne Steen-Hansen