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Multi-storey steel framed buildings under natural fire conditions

Gert van den Berg1, Joris Fellinger1, Pascal Steenbakkers2 and Ton van Overbeek1
1 TNO Centre for Fire Research, Delft, the Netherlands
2 Arup Fire, London, UK

In this article, a methodology is presented by which the structural behaviour of composite steel framed building under natural fire conditions can be analysed. As a first step, a fire model is employed in order to predict the temperature development in the fire compartment. Secondly, a thermal response model is used to calculate the temperature distribution and development in the various structural elements. Finally, by means of a mechanical response model and given the thermal response, the structural performance of the full structure is predicted. This methodology is demonstrated by means of two case studies on two existing high-rise buildings in The Netherlands.

Key words: Fire resistance, natural fire conditions, composite steel frame structures