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Fire exposed aluminium structures

Johan Maljaars1, 2, 3, Joris Fellinger4 and Frans Soetens2, 3
1 NIMR, Delft, the Netherlands
2 TNO Building Structures and Systems, Delft, the Netherlands
3 Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, the Netherlands
4 TNO Centre for Fire Research, Delft, the Netherlands

Material properties and mechanical response models for fire design of steel structures are based on extensive research and experience. Contrarily, the behaviour of aluminium load bearing structures exposed to fire is relatively unexplored. This article gives an overview of physical and mechanical properties at elevated temperature of frequently applied aluminium alloys, found in relevant literature and discusses mechanical response models currently applied for fire exposed aluminium structures. A comparison is made with steel structures exposed to fire.

Key words: Physical and mechanical properties of aluminium, fire design of aluminium