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Comparison of theoretical and experimental determination of deformations of timber façade elements against wind load

A.N. Surmeli1, G.J.P. Ravenshorst1, J.W.G. van de Kuilen1,2
1 Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands
2 Holzforschung München, University of Technology Munich, Germany

The current practice is that the deformations of timber façade elements are determined by testing, or they are limited by prescribing dimensions in a very conservative way. To use generic calculation models, suitable for almost all types of windows, approximations deviating from the actual behaviour have to be done. This paper investigates if a calculation method can predict the results from laboratory test with the required accuracy. For that purpose 29 façade elements were tested. Results showed that the calculation method gives a good, slightly conservative prediction for the laboratory tests. As a result, especially for specific project-made windows in small series, the costly laboratory tests can be replaced by calculation.

Key words: Building façades, resistance to wind load, performance assessment, CE-marking