Volume 68 (2023), issue 1
Special issue: Biobased and bioreceptive building materials

Y. Mosleh

Pre-straining as an effective strategy to mitigate ratcheting during fatigue in flax FRP composites for structural applications
V.P. Perruchoud, R.C. Alderliesten, Y. Mosleh

Damage tolerance in ductile woven silk fibre thermoplastic composites
A. Prapavesis, P. Kopana, Weijing Wu, J. Soete, Y. Mosleh, A.W. van Vuure

Bioreceptive concrete: State of the art and potential benefits
M. Veeger, A.A.N. Nabbe, H.M. Jonkers, M. Ottelé

Time to failure analysis of wood adhesives: a non-linear approach based on chemical reaction kinetics
J.W.G. van de Kuilen, G. Clerc, Y. Mosleh, W.F. Gard, K. Richter