Volume 49 (2004), issue 1
Special issue: Risk-based water defence

Editorial: Risk based water defence
P.H. Waarts and A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder

Risk management of large scale floodings
P.H. Waarts and A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder

Application of reliability-based flood defence design in the UK
F.A. Buijs, H.A.J.M. van Gelder and J.W. Hall

Reliability analysis of flood defence systems
H.M.G.M. Steenbergen, B.L. Lassing, A.C.W.M. Vrouwenvelder and P.H. Waarts

Optimal design of flood defence systems in a changing climate
H.G. Voortman and J.K. Vrijling

Cost benefit analysis and flood damage mitigation in the Netherlands
S.N. Jonkman, M. Brinkhuis-Jak, M. Kok