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Steel column base classification

J.P. Jaspart1, F. Wald2, K. Weynand3, A.M. Gresnigt4
1 Université de Liège, Institut du Génie Civiel Départemant M&M, Belgium
2 Czech Technical University, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Prague
3 PSP - Prof. Sedlacek & Partner, Technologien im Bauwesen GmbH, Aachen, Germany
4 Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, the Netherlands

The influence of the rotational characteristics of the column bases on the structural frame response is discussed and specific design criteria for stiffness classification into semi-rigid and rigid joints are derived. The particular case of an industrial portal frame is then considered.

Key words: Column bases, stiffness classification, sway frames, non-sway frames, Eurocode 3