Volume 66 (2021), issue 2/3
Digital technologies for structural engineering and design

A.P.H.W. Habraken, R.J.M. Wolfs

Seven digital technologies for structural engineers - Pathway to net zero
S. Ren, R. Titulaer, M. Vola

Super Integration: A cross-disciplinary approach towards design
R. Torsing, R. Kieft, A. Bhattacharya

Digital Workflows - Seamless digital workflows in architecture
W.H.A. van Beerendonk, L. ter Hall

Digital path towards Timber Reciprocal Frame Structures
A.P.H.W. Habraken, T.S. Godthelp

Stress-constrained topology optimization of concrete structures:
A preliminary study for combining topology optimization and 3D printing

I. van de Werfhorst-Bouw, H. Hofmeyer, S. Boonstra, R.J.M. Wolfs

Architected Cementitious Cellular Materials: Peculiarities and opportunities
Yading Xu, B. Šavija