Volume 63 (2018), issue 1/2
Special issue: Structural Glass

F.A. Veer

R. Nijsse

An overview of some recent developments in glass science and their relevance to quality control in the glass industry
F.A. Veer, T. Bristogianni, C.L. Justino de Lima

New phosphate glasses containing industrial waste and their applications for building engineering
C.L. Justino de Lima, F.A. Veer, O. Çopuroğlu, R. Nijsse

Structural cast glass components manufactured from waste glass: Diverting everyday discarded glass from the landfill to the building industry
T. Bristogianni, F. Oikonomopoulou, C.L. Justino de Lima, F.A. Veer, R. Nijsse

Interlocking cast glass components, Exploring a demountable dry-assembly structural glass system
F. Oikonomopoulou, T. Bristogianni, L. Barou, E. Jacobs, G. Frigo, F.A. Veer, R. Nijsse

The glass truss bridge
A.H. Snijder, R. Nijsse, C.P. Louter

Structural glass: A new remedial tool for the consolidation of historic structures
L. Barou, F. Oikonomopoulou, T. Bristogianni, F.A. Veer, R. Nijsse

Adaptive and composite thin glass concepts for architectural applications
C.P. Louter, M.A. Akilo, B. Miri, T. Neeskens, R. Ribeiro Silveira, Ö. Topcu, I. van der Weijde, C. Zha, M. Bilow, M. Turrin, T. Klein, J. O’Callaghan