Volume 54 (2009), issue 4
Maintenance and repair of natural stone

Editorial (pdf, 49.6 KB)
T.G. Nijland, R.P.J. van Hees

Assessment of the state of conservation of a Middle Neolithic flint mine in Maastricht limestone
R.P.J. van Hees, T.G. Nijland

Replacement of natural stone in conservation of historic buildings
Evaluation of replacement of natural stone at the church of Our Lady in Breda

W.J. Quist

Salt decay of Morley limestone
T.G. Nijland, R.P.J. van Hees

Laser cleaning of black weathered Obernkirchen sandstone
T.G. Nijland, T.J. Wijffels, C.W. Dubelaar, J.A. Larbi