Volume 53 (2008), issue 1/2
Special issue: Steel column bases

A.M. Gresnigt

Component method for steel column bases
F. Wald, Z. Sokol, C.M. Steenhuis, J.P. Jaspart

Base plate in bending and anchor bolts in tension
F. Wald, Z. Sokol, J.P. Jaspart

Concrete in compression and base plate in bending
C.M. Steenhuis, F. Wald, Z. Sokol, J.W.B. Stark

Steel column base classification
J.P. Jaspart, F. Wald, K. Weynand, A.M. Gresnigt

Column bases in shear and normal force
A.M. Gresnigt, A. Romeijn, F. Wald, C.M. Steenhuis