Volume 52 (2007) issue 1/2
Special issue: Structural glass

Editorial (pdf, 1.04 MB)
J.G. Rots

Glass panes acting as shear wall
E.M.P. Huveners, F. van Herwijnen, F. Soetens, H. Hofmeyer

Adhesively bonded reinforced glass beams
P.C. Louter

Towards a combined probabilistic/consequence-based safety approach of structural glass members
F.P. Bos

The strength of glass, a nontransparent value
F.A. Veer

Glass-aluminium bonded joints,
Testing, comparing and designing for the All Transparent Pavilion

S.A.J. de Richemont, F.A. Veer

Cold bending of laminated glass panels
J. Belis, B. Inghelbrecht, R. Van Impe, D. Callewaert

Buckling of laminated glass columns
J. Blaauwendraad