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Combined effect of fibers and steel rebars in high performance concrete

Y. Yang, J.C. Walraven, J.A. den Uijl
Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, The Netherlands

In this paper a brief overview on the effect of tension stiffening in normal strength concrete and High Performance Fiber Concrete (HPFC) is given. On the basis of an existing model, several simplifications are proposed to describe the post-cracking performance of HPFC, and a simplified model for practical application is developed. This model is validated using the results of a number of concentric tensile tests on prismatic reinforced HPFC elements. The results clearly show that the simplifications proposed in this paper offer sufficient accuracy in predicting the behavior of HPFC elements reinforced with conventional reinforcement.

Key words: Tension stiffening, crack width, reinforced concrete