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Experiments investigating concrete floor punching using specific reinforcement

A.A. van den Bos1 and H. Hofmeyer1, 2
1 ABT consulting engineers, Civil Engineering Group, Arnhem, The Netherlands
2 Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Structural Design Group, The Netherlands

To reduce the surface crack width and to optimize the ultimate punching load of warehouse concrete floors, fibre reinforcement and special reinforcement mats above piles are used. Due to the special reinforcements mats, current design rules cannot be used to correctly predict the surface crack width and the ultimate punching load. Therefore, full-scale experiments have been carried out for six different reinforcement types. A fibre-reinforced floor with circular pile mat is the best solution, both for reducing the surface crack width and for optimizing the ultimate punching load.

Key words: Warehouse concrete floors, surface crack width, specific reinforcement, fibre reinforcement, ultimate punching load, experiments