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On stability of a clamped-pinned pipe conveying fluid

G.L. Kuiper and A.V. Metrikine
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences, Delft University of Technology, Delft, The Netherlands

In the past, stability of an undamped clamped-pinned pipe conveying fluid has been always considered numerically leading to controversial results. Pa´doussis (2004) has shown that a numerical stability analysis of a clamped-pinned pipe requires exceptionally large number of vibration modes to obtain the correct dynamical behaviour. In this paper, analytical proof of stability of a clamped-pinned pipe conveying fluid at a low speed is given. A tensioned Euler-Bernoulli beam in combination with a plug flow model is used as a model. The stability is studied employing a D-decomposition method. Advantages and disadvantages of this method with respect to the conventional methods are discussed. For demonstration of the method's capabilities, it is applied to a clamped-pinned pipe subject to linearised Morison damping caused by the surrounding fluid.

Key words: pipe conveying fluid, stability, D-decomposition method