Editorial: New scope and new formula

Since 1970 HERON publishes the results of a selected number of research projects carried out at Delft University of Technology, Faculty of Civil Engineering and TNO Building and Construction Research. Most issues focussed on a special topic, either as a comprehensive report of one single project or as a collection of short papers.

In 1994 the "Netherlands School for Advanced Studies in Construction" (Onderzoekschool Bouw) was founded. The Research School organises research and doctoral training in the field of building and construction research within the three Dutch Universities of Technology (Delft, Eindhoven and Twente). It was decided that HERON should serve as a platform for publishing the work performed in the Research School and at TNO. This leads, almost automatically, to a change in the scope and format for HERON.

The scope of the new HERON will include, besides the traditional fields of structural analysis and material sciences, the fields of building physics and services, information technology, production and robotisation as well as management for the construction industry. As far as the format is concerned, it was preferred to present a more or less complete overview of the work in progress instead of a selection of completed projects. Thus HERON will become a journal, each issue consisting of a number of short and unrelated papers. HERON will still appear quarterly, as in the past.

To some extent it is regretted that the old format will no longer exist. The Editioral Board is well aware that this formula was very much appreciated because of the extensive information presented in each paper, giving an almost complete description of the research project under consideration. However, nowadays, for most of the work carried out at TNO and the Universities, English research reports are available and can be obtained on request.

The change of HERON is accompanied by a new cover, still depicting the famous HERON of Alexandria, after whom this publication is named. The Editorial Board trusts that the new HERON will serve both the readers and the members of the Research School.

A. Vrouwenvelder
Editor in Chief